Onboard preamp for classical and acoustic guitars


The RMC Poly-Drive IV is a 6 channel polyphonic preamp with 3-band equalizer and guitar/synth controls. The unit operates either from the onboard 9V battery or from bipolar phantom power (+/- & V.D.C.) typically provided by Roland guitar synths and compatible processors. The polyphonic section of the preamp buffers the separate string signals and routes them separately to the POLY OUT jack. The separate string signals are also combined in the ‘DMX’ feedback elimination circuit which produces a mono instrument signal. The mono signal is then equalized, passed through the INSTR. VOLUME control, buffered with a low output impedance Line Driver and fed to both the MONO OUT and the POLY OUT jacks.

[Type: Classical and acoustic guitar onboard preamp]
[Application fields: Classical and folk guitars – connection to MIDI converters and Roland processors]
[Controls: 3-band eq, instrument/synth volume, mid-range frequency selector]
[S/N Ratio: 90dB]
[Power Supply: Battery-powered]